Ethiopian children in Germany

How much Ethiopia do Ethiopian children in Germany need?

There are no exact figures on how many children have been placed from Ehtiopia to Germay. Estimates assume that during the last two years about 200 children, mainly babies and toddlers, came to Germany.

While adoptive parents use the waiting period to get ready for the family and small children settle in and start attending kindergardens and schools, the most pressing topics are usually related to the reactions of communities, the wider family and environment to the new intercultural family constellation. How to respond to insensitive reactions? How to support children when facing racist comments?

At some point questions about the Ethiopian identity of the child will emerge - often raised by other children who point to the obvious ethnic difference between parents and child. Older children who have had an African upbringing have memories who might get lost and might be painful.

The literature on international adoption puts strong emphasis on "finding one's roots". Older children have roots and know where they are. For them, finding new roots might be more difficult. Numerous reports of adult adoptees have shown how important the search of their first family can become. Searching the first family, keeping in contact, maintaining cultural heritage are the themes of this section. We aim at providing further information and answering questions.