Principles for Ethical Adoptions

Parents for ethical standards in international adoption

As parents of Ethiopian children we follow the reports about unethical practices in adoptions from Ethiopia with great interest and concern.

We are convinced that we can offer a loving family environment to children who do not have parents, in order to raise and accompanie them to happy adults with a German-Africa identity. We did not take the decision lightly to remove children from their own culture into a new environment. Rather we have built contacts to the home country of our children and we care for them. We see our families as bridges between cultures.

It pains us to see that structures have developed in the home country of our children that are not suitable for placing orphaned often elderly children who are living in orphanages into international adoption but increasingly also used to meet a demand for babies as well as recruiting older children from existing families for placing them for adoption. This has lasting effects also on the positive attitude of many Ethiopians towards adoptions.

We know of the economic context which is the main reason for the lack of sufficient domestic carers for children in need and see international adoption as a sensible solution for individual children in need. This is all the more reason for campaigning against unethical practices in order to protect the route of international adoption in principle.