Risks of placments

There are risks attached to international adoptions. If the procedures of the placement are not transparent and the information about the status of the child, its relatives and their situation are not reliable and truthful, the family bonding between the child and its adoptive parents is endangered. Its emotional and psychological development in a new environment cannot be maintained.

Recently there have been increasing reports about adoptions from Ethiopia which indicate that not in all cases the necessary due diligence was adhered to and the necessary background checks on the status of children was carried out. Reports about flawed status of children do not only affect the family concerned. It also affects all other adopting families, who cannot be sure that new facts might come to light, who might undermine the adoption process. The loss of certainty is very painful.

Uncertainty about the status of the child and whether the right decisions were taken when the child was place has prompted us to rethink the principles of adoption procedures.