Voices from Ethiopia

Ethiopia is in a difficult situation. On the one hand there are abandoned and orphaned children for who adoption is a solution both individually as well as providing resources for other children. On the other hand, fast rising numbers of placements, the lack of transparency of adoption procedures as well as the ongoing stream of reports about unethical practices have led to critical voices within the country who warn against the danger of trafficking.

The Ethiopian government and its family ministry MOWA reacted with various measures. This includes the closure of a number of orphanages, the temporary ban of adoption placements from certain regions as well as new regulation of transit homes. Also the court procedures have been changed. Currently there are increasing measures to improve the situation of children in Ethiopian orphanages and in difficult family situation. The discussion around the legitimacy of international adoptions in Ethiopia is similar to the one in Europe and the US. Under the heading "Voices from Ethiopia" we will compile different viewpoints and arguments from Ethiopia.